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H & F Motors Inc. 

Since 1972

497 Columbia Street

Somerville, MA 02143
Primary: (857) 251-4222

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"One of the best BMW mechanics in the Boston area"

We specialize in all foreign autos: BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi, VM and more! 

Examples of BMW Maintenance Services


             Complete BMW Vehicle Check --- $125 vs over $250 at competeing BMW Dealers

         BMW Oil Service & computer reset: from $60.00*

1.      BMW approved synthetic oil

2.      BMW filter

3.      Full inspection of undercarriage, suspension, brakes, and tires etc. 


         BMW Standard Scope: $50.00

      1.       Perform diagnosis quick test

      2.       Check “control messages:

      3.       Check indicator warning lamps

      4.       Reset CBS (condition based service)


         BMW Brake Fluid Service: from $85.00

1.      Replace brake fluid

2.      Bleed braking system

3.      Perform road test for proper operation of braking system


         BMW Micro/Pollen Filter: from $49.95


         BMW Spark Plugs

1.       Replace spark plugs

  6 Cylinder ---$120.00

  8 Cylinder---$160.00

  10 Cylinder---$190.00

  12 Cylinder---$210.00


         Engine Diagnostic Service --- from $50.00

         Air Conditioning Recharge --- from $65.00

  • Labor rate---$85.00

*Oil change based on current market prices for crude oil, up to 7 quarts.

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